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REVIEW - West Point Sunset Tour

Secret gem among the beautiful backdrop of Maggie!
"Incredible experience visiting West Point with Tim! My wife and I had visited Maggie and had seen almost every site to this stage, and so we were pretty sure that we had seen everything there was to offer on the island. Boy, were we wrong!


We were lucky enough to book a personal 4WD tour with Tim and he was an incredible host from start to finish! From picking us up and dropping us off where we asked, to acting as an extremely knowledgeable tour guide as we drove through the dirt roads leading to West Point, we cannot have asked for any more from Tim!


Once we finally reach West Point Beach, we understood that we hadn't really seen the best part of the island yet. A jaw-dropping view awaited us, along with a beautiful grazing platter + champagne for dinner. Tim set us up with chairs and tables with which to enjoy the view, and allowed us to take in the surrounds while he took a stroll around the beach.


We could not recommend Tim and his tours more! A lot of people decide to jump in their own personal 4WD hire care and drive up the mountainside to check out West Point, though the reality is that a guided tour really makes all the difference in being able to take in all of the surrounds!"

- Chris November 2023.


REVIEW - West Point Sunset Tour

West is best on Magnetic Island!

“What an amazing tour enjoyed with Tim! We saw an advert in the Ultimate Magnetic Island Guide, literally on arriving at the Townsville Ferry Terminal and just knew this wound be a great experience! By the time we docked in MI, we’d secured our booking for later that afternoon, as one of the first things we did on the island.


Bang on time, Tim
 picked us up from the Nelly Bay Ferry terminal with another couple and we embarked on a 3 hour trip to the west coast of the island in 'Bessie' (the converted 4 wheel drive bus).


Tim, as a Zoologist, was a wealth of knowledge sharing his insights into the forest, bays and flora and fauna of the route through to the unspoilt end of MI.


With no time pressure, we were able to walk the unspoilt beach, enjoy a anti pasta snack of olives, tomatoes, salami, cheese, bread sticks and biscuits suitably washed down with a drink of your choice (prosecco, beer, wine, soft drinks).


To watch the sunset was a sight to behold! Simply stunning and beautiful!! Bessie was a star, Tim was a star, the whole experience was first class! In short, miss this tour at your peril. Thoroughly recommend it!!”

- GrandTour29221996592, November 2023

Chris Hal Testimonial Image.jpg

REVIEW - West Point Sunset Tour

“Absolutely incredible tour with MI Ride Discovery Tours. West Point on Magnetic Island can only be seen properly with the amazing guidance of Tim and his bus Bessie, or the 4WD for a more intimate tour group!

Tim is an amazing and completely knowledgeable tour guide - any questions you have, he will answer them.

The ascent to West Point is an incredible but short journey, filled with fun facts about West Point and Maggie Island. But the real payoff is getting to West Point Beach - absolutely unreal sight when you sit down and watch the coast do its thing. And Tim supplies an absolutely amazing Grazing Platter that rivals the best restaurants in Australia. You could not ask for a better way to experience the sunset and the beauty that is West Point!

Highly recommend Mi Ride Discovery Tours!”

- Chris Hal, October 2023.


REVIEW - West Point Sunset Tour

"We’re back from our wild and wonderful Canadian adventure and settling into life on Maggie. What a way to be welcomed back with a beautiful, informative and serene trip to West Point at sunset with MI Ride’s Tim and Sara, in Bessie the 4WD Brahman Bus! Just lovely!"

- Julie and Peter Heath, October 2023.


REVIEW - West Point Charter/Sunset Tour


"Such a great evening!! Thanks!!!"

- Kristal Polly, co-owner Scallywags Cafe, Staff Party, October 2023.


REVIEW - West Point Sunset Tour


"Such a treat! Great company, magic sunset, beautiful food and on the West Point sunset trip with MI Ride Discovery Tours.


As Molly would say "Do yourself a favour" and jump on board the 4WD Sunset or ECO tour and discover the west coast of Maggie Island!"

- Daina Clarke, Destination Adventure, September 2023.

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