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About MI Ride

We are passionate about the diversity of our World Heritage natural surroundings on Magnetic Island, and through our charismatic residents and quirky places, we are inspired to offer you access to discover more, and experience the best "Maggie" has to offer on our fun guided tours.

MI Ride offers land-based 4WD bus tours:


If you are interested in experiencing Maggie from an insider’s perspective (and to meet your tour guide), read on.

If you wish to discover the Island’s essence and have an unforgettable experience, reserve your seat now for a ride on the wild side!

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Meet Tim your Tour Guide

Since first arriving on Magnetic Island in 2011, Tim Hempstead, founder of MI Ride, has been passionate for the splendour, beauty, history, and ecological values that Maggie has to offer. He has always wished to share his wonder for the island with others.

Tim hails from South Africa where after his career as an elite Olympic rowing coach, he turned to his passion as a wildlife photographer and conservationist, focusing on Africa’s mega fauna.  

Tim is a graduate of our local James Cook University, where he excelled in studies of Zoology and Ecology. It is this knowledge base, combined with his passion for the environment, and in particular Magnetic Island and the Great Barrier Reef, that has steered him towards MI Ride’s guided discovery tours.

MI Ride’s Wild West Eco and Sunset Tours were born out of a desire to show visitors a side of the Island that is seldom seen. To expose tourists to the wonders of Maggie’s western side and provide an “alternative” experience to the beauty of her other bays and attractions.

A specific 4WD bus was purchased to ensure safe travel on the upper West Point track and to allow for creek crossings and sandy conditions. This 27 seat vehicle (nicknamed “Bessie”) is fully air conditioned and all seats have seat belts for safety. One of the delights of this bus is the height passengers sit at, providing excellent viewing, deep into the surrounding vegetation.

West Point Road Magnetic Island
Tim Hempstead

Why is Magnetic Island's west coast so special?

West Point Magnetic Island Aerial view of mangroves and hills.png

"The western side of our World Heritage Magnetic Island contains its most extensive and least disturbed lowland habitats. Numerous creeks of its largely undisturbed catchments feed into extensive and complex freshwater and tidal wetlands ...

... Except for the West Point village, the entire area is zoned Environmental Conservation and Management under the council Planning Scheme."

- Magnetic Island Nature Care Association (MINCA)

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